There is something magical about the American countryside. Something in the autumn hayfield, the rich scent of the air, the milky sky at sunset, and the burst of life a vineyard brings to a farm. Farm life beats a rhythm of comfort and stability. Ted and Janet Miller can feel accomplished as they walk through their vineyards and sip the wine from the grapes they planted and tended by hand. The grapes are gifts from the vineyards, and the wine is the legacy of thankfulness they will leave to their children and rural life in Pennsylvania.

On a 102-acre farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania, C.T. Miller Vineyards is nestled within the rolling hills of America. Ted and Janet still raise cattle on the farm, but their hard work and admiration of the land can be tasted in the wine that solely comes from their seven-acre vineyard. The grapes are grown, fermented, and bottled locally, producing a tempting array of wines enhanced by the Millers' dedication to the art and science of winemaking.

Raised in a traditional Italian family, the aroma of homemade wine is one of the most vivid memories from Janet’s childhood. After Janet’s father died, she wanted to keep the family’s homemade wine tradition alive. Ted agreed to make wine only if they used homemade grapes. So, in 1998, Janet asked her mother for her father’s wine making equipment and production of the Millers’ homemade wine began. That year they started with 80 vines that did not grow. They did not give up, and the next year they planted 2,100 more vines hoping to make a barrel of family wine and sell the leftover grapes. A drought stunted that crop but not their spirits. In 2001, they planted 2,900 additional vines and nearly everything grew. This success encouraged them to continue to make enough wine for retail sales. The cow and hay barn was refurbished to house the wine cellar and their first wine shop. Through perseverance, the 80 plant vineyard has grown into seven acres with over 5,000 vines. During peak production, Ted and Janet can bottle 140 gallons of wine—or 700 bottles an hour!


Today visitors can taste all the wines at in Avella, PA.